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How to Know When You Need an ERP System

By September 2, 2014October 25th, 2019No Comments

Are you trying to decide if you need a new ERP system? We at SWK Tech work with lots of companies who are jumping into the wild world of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for the first time, and along with all the questions about functionality and user-liscensing, we get one main question all the time. Chances are, you have this question… and today, we’re going to answer it. If you want to see the quick answer, watch the video above.

How can I tell for sure if my company needs an ERP system?

There are two tell-tale signs that you need to look for to tell if your company should be considering moving to an ERP system (or upgrading to a more powerful one).

  1. You are experiencing (or expect to experience) HUGE amounts of growth
  2. You have already experienced growth, but your revenues haven’t gone up as much as you expected

Why do those things mean I need an ERP system?

For the first tell-tale sign, it’s an issue of information availability. If you’re experiencing large amounts of growth, clearly you’re hiring more people. When you hire more people, there are both good and bad consequences. The good consequence is that everyone’s job becomes just a little bit more exact and that you and your employees get to take off some of the many hats you’ve all been wearing. (Phew!) The “bad” consequence (actually, it ends up being a relief) is that, after hiring more staff, you will no longer know everything about everything in your company.

As the Main Decision Maker of your company, you still need to know everything, or you need to be able to access information right when you need it. Without a good ERP system, the only way you can get the information you need is to ask for it. And asking for information pretty much guarantees that you won’t get the information immediately.

An ERP system gets you the information you need—without having to deal with other people’s time schedules.

For the second tell-tale sign, you’re running into an issue of inefficiency. Probably what’s happened is that certain departments in your company don’t have enough time to do their work. They’ve called for more people to help them and you’ve given them more people, but somehow… the work is still not getting done. Or, the work is getting done, but maybe the work they’re doing isn’t the work they should be doing.

The only way to identify what needs to be done in a department is to get everyone on the same page and looking at the same data, so that they can identify what can be done faster and what never needs to be done. An ERP system can help with that.

Stay tuned for other videos in the series

We at SWK Technologies will be releasing a new video each week, to educate businesses about the value of an ERP system. Our mission is to “Empower our clients and partners with knowledge, solutions, and tools for success,” and we take that mission seriously.

We want you to have the information you need in order to decide for yourself whether an ERP system is the right choice for your business.

Contact SWK Tech to get all your questions answered

If you’re experiencing efficiency issues or you’re expecting growth soon, getting an ERP system such as Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, Sage ERP X3, or Acumatica is the right choice for your company. Even though you need an ERP system, you shouldn’t have to become an ERP expert. Contact us using the button below, and get all your questions answered by the ERP experts.

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