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Sage Manufacturing ERP Software

Sage X3 Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Sage X3 (formerly Sage Enterprise Management) delivers a faster, simple and more flexible manufacturing supply chain management solution at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical enterprise process manufacturing ERP systems.

Manage your supply chain with manufacturing erp software

Sage X3

Sage X3 process manufacturing ERP provides:

  • Respond faster to changing customer demands and fluctuations in procurement, production and shipments.
  • Minimize waste, risks of cross-contamination, and costs due to spoilage.
  • Reduce the risk and scope of a recall by ensuring the quality, traceability and safety of all material and ingredients.
  • Quickly adapt procedures to changing regulations and compliance requirements.

Key Capabilities

Sage X3 process manufacturing ERP Key Capabilities include:

  • Extensive traceability by plant, batch or supplier, lots and sub-lots, for each ingredient and end-item with automated recall capabilities
  • Formula/recipe and potency management
  • Allergen tracking
  • Mixed-mode and batch production processes
  • Graphical scheduling
  • Quality management, w/ security and audit trail
  • Shelf-life management, cross-contamination risk and hazardous material storage management
  • Regulatory compliance reporting

Data Model

Sage X3 process manufacturing ERP adapts to your organization and methods:

  • Multi-language and legislations
  • Multi-currency (all currencies)
  • Multi-ledger, multi-journal
  • Multi-company, sites and warehouses
  • Inter-company/inter-site transactions
  • Multi-level structure/dimensions accounting
  • Multiple asset depreciation methods
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Multiple stock costing methods
  • Multiple production methods and mixed modes (ATO, MTO, CTO, MTS, MPM)

Sage X3 manufacturing ERP is the accepted solution to accelerate the entire supply with the integrated management of financials, purchasing, inventory, marketing, sales, and customer service processes. It provides a faster way to manage global operations including the management of international transactions, consolidation of foreign operations, and financial reporting and global compliance with one cohesive global system. Sage X3 also delivers a faster payback because it is an affordable solution for the midsize enterprise, delivers quick productivity gains and reaps proven cost savings.

More Flexible
Sage X3 manufacturing ERP is the ideal solution for flexible production management from planning and scheduling to quality control, with extensive traceability from the procurement of material and ingredients to shipping the final product. It provides more flexible data management and faster business insights including the consistent monitoring of performance and costs across the entire business as well as powerful analytics in real-time. X3 is also a flexible solution that supports industry-specific processes and flexible customization and integration with industry-specific applications.

Sage X3 Web Scheduling (formerly Production Scheduler)

Sage replaced the legacy Sage X3 Production Scheduler in 2020 with the Web Scheduling module as a more modern production scheduling software solution. Integrated with your Sage ERP, the Web Scheduler application streamlines your manufacturing planning and forecasting, allowing you to take complete of your production lifecycles and ROI. View SWK’s blog post on this new module or download the Datasheet to discover more.


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