How Wholesale Distributors Use NetSuite to Expand Their Competitive Stance

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These days, wholesale distributors face many obstacles. Not only do you have to worry about your profitability in the face of razor-thin margins and tight deadlines, you also need to work as hard as you can and as fast as you can, so you can keep the clients you have and win new business.

The Internet has made it a cinch for your clients to find a new wholesale distributor any time they feel you’re not meeting their needs – and if your distribution business isn’t offering incredible service, lightning-fast delivery, and rock-bottom costs, your customers are likely to find another supplier.

Sound like your clients are demanding the impossible? Well, they might be… but only if your outdated business management tools can’t keep up the pace. Modern software options are built to meet the needs of the new economy.

Here are just a few of the ways savvy wholesale distributors are using modern technology to increase profitability in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape.

1. Delivering the Omnichannel Experience

Honestly, today’s customers are spoiled. They want a fully integrated, seamless purchasing experience that brings together their online shopping preferences with all their customer service interaction experiences… and these customer expectations have now expanded far beyond the B2C retail world.

In short: Wholesale distributors that can’t deliver an Amazon-like omnichannel experience – complete with online shopping offerings, integrated CRM, and around-the-clock availability – are likely to fall far behind their competitors who can deliver this type of experience.

NetSuite can help.

Modern distribution management solutions, such as NetSuite Distribution Edition, can help your wholesale distribution business easily provide the omnichannel experience your customers demand.

This is because NetSuite offers a full ecosystem on the backend, bringing together your ERP, eCommerce, CRM, SCM, (and more!), into a single, seamless package that helps you deliver exactly what your customers want.

2. Leveraging Multiple Suppliers

Imagine this: You’ve promised a large order to an important client, expecting that it wouldn’t be difficult to source. After all, it’s never been difficult to stock this item or work with your supplier before…

However, this time you run into shipping delays or customs issues. You know you won’t get your order on time to get it to your important client. You remember that you once had another source for this item, but even after hours of searching through spreadsheets, you can’t figure out who the other supplier was. Without another supplier, you risk losing the sale and potentially risking the client too. In an especially bad case, you may also hurt your reputation.

In today’s competitive climate, you can’t afford to take chances like that.

NetSuite can help.

With the flexible capabilities in NetSuite Distribution Edition, you’ll have the capability to easily maintain relationships with various suppliers and vendors, so you can tap into extra options whenever you need them.

This helps you stay agile and fulfill orders with less hassle and worry. It also helps you build a solid reputation as one of the top wholesale distributors that can be trusted to deliver on time, every time.


If you’re ready to learn more about how wholesale distributors are using NetSuite to expand their competitive stance, contact the distribution experts at SWK Technologies.


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