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How One Electronics Distributor Improved Their Business by Changing Their Systems

Compomax case study electronics distributors succeed with NetSuite - SWK ERP

In order to become the company you wish to be, you must free yourself from the company you have been in the past. This doesn’t mean you should change the things that are working for you. You don’t want to mess with your current recipe for success. Instead, you’ll want to eliminate the outdated remnants of the earlier, smaller business you used to be, so you can transform into the larger, more successful business you want to become.

This process of elimination, of cutting out the waste in your current processes, procedures, and daily activities, is what drives true business transformation. That’s why lean systems are so popular and effective.

However, it’s sometimes hard to identify the time- and money-wasters that drain the efficiency out of the work day, and that’s why it’s helpful to learn the tricks, techniques, and strategies of other successful businesses in your industry.

Download the Compomax case study to find out how one successful electronics distributor overcame their challenges by transforming their business systems.

NetSuite: An Electronics Distributor’s Transformation Tool

NetSuite is designed as a versatile system that offers the ability to free your company and allow you to better manage the consistent growth of your business. That’s why savvy business leaders are finding their success with more inclusive systems that provide better agility and versatility.

In fact, NetSuite has helped electronics distributors across the globe solve problems as varied as:

  • Developing customized workflows
  • Setting up time-saving, automated functionalities
  • Efficiently utilizing mobile technology
  • Acquiring real-time business performance metrics
  • Eliminating time-consuming manual processes
  • Increasing the effectiveness of essential reporting capabilities

But NetSuite can also help with so much more.

Make Work Easier

In the electronics distribution industry, you have a lot of needs. Running your business is not an easy job. If you’re still spending your time matching up data from disparate software systems, performing manual processes, or filling in spreadsheets, your job will be even harder.

Of course, we all know that it takes hard work and dedication to lead a wholesale distribution business to YoY growth and success… but, honestly, if you’re still doing any of the tasks we just mentioned, you’re working too hard.

There is a better way.

Like all good business leaders, you’re probably a very busy person. And, since you’re reading this article, you probably already know you have a problem with your current distribution solutions.

Your main problem, however, is that you don’t have time to research an alternative solution that’ll work better for your needs. That’s where we come in.

Get started on your path to easier, less time-consuming work today when you check out the Compomax case study, now available from SWK Technologies.

Compomax is a wholesale electronics distributor that struggled with their old systems and processes. However, it wasn’t until Compomax switched to NetSuite that they realized how limited they had been by their old, outdated solutions. With NetSuite, Compomax was able to eliminate their efficiency issues, expand their business, and ease the repeated headaches that they faced.

Curious to learn the details? Of course you are. Luckily, it’ll only take a few minutes for you to read this quick case study, so you can find out how Compomax changed up their systems and cleared up their obstacles.


Read the case study now to learn how you, like Compomax, can give your electronics wholesale distribution business a boost.


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