Enterprise Management: Your Flexible Technology Choice

By November 26, 2013Sage ERP X3

Part of investing in Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) is the assurance that you will have the latest technology at your fingertips at all times.

Preserve your freedom of choice

The open technology design of Enterprise Management provides full independence between the functional and the technical layer. No matter what platform you choose today, your company can choose to change operating environments with no consequences for its management system. Enterprise Management works equally well–and offers a common user- interface–in Web and/or client-server architecture, with Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server® databases, and Windows, Unix, or Linux operating systems.

Protect your investment

Enterprise Management supports the ability to integrate custom developments without limiting the capacity of the standard functions to evolve. Realized with the aid of the Enterprise Management 4GL Integrated Development Environment, your custom developments can be integrated into the standard product and activated or deactivated at will. They are reusable and permanent, even when the software package version changes. You are ensured to make the most of the latest software release while keeping your investment in enterprise-specific developments safe and durable. The development toolset is provided as part of the core Enterprise Management offering.

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