Do It Yourself ERP Evaluation – No Consultant Required

By September 25, 2018Blog, Cloud


This may sound familiar:

Your business is experiencing productivity issues. You constantly have to import and export data between various applications and, as a result, your reporting is always behind. Consequently, you have difficulties identifying the causes behind performance problems – and you feel like you’re wasting all your time on menial, administrative tasks.

Whenever you try to find solutions on the internet, every blog and white paper you run across seems to be trying to sell you a new ERP… but you’re not sure that you really need one. You certainly aren’t ready to contact a sales person yet.

Now you can perform your own step-by-step ERP evaluation using proven methods with this all-new guide from SWK and NetSuite, the “Executive ERP Evaluation and Investment Roadmap.” Get the evaluation guide here.

The 2 Ways to Find Out If You Need a New ERP

As a wholesale distributor, you have very specific needs for your software solutions. You don’t have time to waste chasing down information about ERP systems if you don’t need one – so you know that the first item on your task list is to find out if you really need a new system.

There are two ways to do that:

1. Hire a Software Consultant

When you hire a business software consultant, they’ll start out by asking you a series of questions to determine your business’s current obstacles, future plans, and functionality requirements. Using this information, they’ll help guide you through the process of figuring out your long-term software needs.

2. Get the Answers Yourself

When you download the Executive ERP Evaluation and Investment Roadmap, you’ll get access to a series of ready-to-complete worksheets that follow the widely accepted evaluation process consultants use to determine client needs.

The easy-to-use guide helps you discover whether or not you need new software by walking you step-by-step through your:

  • Long-term vision and strategy
  • Current performance capabilities
  • Functionality requirements
  • Employee engagement and software feedback process
  • Planning and milestones
  • Implementation options

Get an Expert ERP Evaluation without Having to Talk to an Expert

When you access the ERP evaluation guide for executives, you’ll finally have the power to complete your own in-depth software needs assessment on your own – no expert required.

With the guide’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step worksheets, you’ll be able to determine your reason and value proposition for making a change, and you’ll have the information and guidance you need to align your organization, so you can get the most out of a software solution if you find you need one.

Too busy to complete your own evaluation? Not sure you’re ready for a DIY consultation for something as important as an ERP? You can also use the ERP evaluation guide to prepare for your meeting with a business software consultant because you’ll have insight into what questions the consultant will ask and why.


Start overcoming your business obstacles your way when you download the “Executive ERP Evaluation and Investment Roadmap.”


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