Are You Prepared to Navigate the Storm in Wholesale Distribution?

By October 30, 2018Blog, ERP, NetSuite

Navigate the Storm in Wholesale Distribution - SWK NetSuite ERP


In the past decade, wholesale distributors have experienced a sea change in the industry. Amazon has created problems by increasing customer expectations to an almost-impossible degree for smaller competitors, and industry-wide M&As certainly haven’t made competition any easier.

At this point, the wholesale distribution industry has reached an inflection point, which is defined as “a time in the life of a business when its fundamentals are about to change.”

As we’ve all seen over the past decade, change can be either a beneficial or a destructive force in business, so to ensure your business’s long-term future, the best idea is to stay prepared.

Prepare your wholesale distribution company for whatever may come when you read the new white paper from NetSuite and Enterprise Times, brought to you by SWK Technologies. Download the white paper here.

If You Read Just One White Paper This Month… It Should Be This One

You probably have a lot of white papers you’ve downloaded within the past year, but you’re busy; you only have time to read a small fraction of the resources you’ve gathered.

And hey, let’s be honest here: a lot of the so-called “white papers” available today aren’t really worth your time.

This one is worth your time.

In this white paper, you’ll get an easy-to-understand walkthrough of how you can approach innovation in your wholesale distribution business, even with new challenges coming at you from all directions.

The white paper, “Navigating the Storm in Wholesale Distribution,” uses Porter’s Five Forces Framework, which was created in 1979 and has since become a leading business strategy tool. With the insights provided by Porter’s Five Forces Framework in this white paper, you’ll be prepared to address business challenges with innovative solutions that make sense.

Learn about:

  • New entrants to the business landscape
  • Supplier complications in the new environment
  • How buyers may affect your business model
  • The impact of industry disruptions, also known as “substitutions”
  • Changes your competitors are implementing

The Future Is Here – Are You Ready?

Modern technology tools, including integrated ERP, can deliver innovation-ready capabilities for wholesale distributors of all sizes, but SMBs have the most to gain from implementing these technologies now.

Change has been a constant in the wholesale distribution industry for at least the past decade, and historical data has shown that the businesses best able to compete are the ones that are best prepared to successfully change with the times.


Prepare your company for the future, starting now, when you download the white paper, “Navigating the Storm in Wholesale Distribution.”



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