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Andy Nunez
Manage your supply chain with manufacturing erp software

Andrew Nunez

Title: Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew M. Nunez has worked for SWK Technologies for over 7 years, and has over two decades of experience in technology business management consulting world. During that time, he helped grow some the middle market’s largest consulting organizations.  He started his career in consulting and then moved on to enterprise business development.  At SWK, he has built and led the ERP market’s most successful sales organizations. He has also served on the technology advisory boards of major publishers like Microsoft, Sage and HighJump.

As SWK’s most senior sales leader, Andrew is responsible for sales performance throughout the entire organization, the profitable achievement of sales goals, and aligning sales objectives with company’s overall business strategy.

Most importantly, Andrew is the proud owner of Clementine, SWK’s loveable furry mascot, and an unabashed dog person.

Andrew was raised in Texas where he attended University of Texas Austin where he studied Art History and Archaeology with a focus on Mayan studies.  Andrew was fortunate enough to contribute to a groundbreaking discovery at the Shield Ranch excavation site in Texas as an undergraduate. He continually cultivates his love of history and currently lives with his wife in a restored 170-year-old Victorian house in the Hudson Valley, NY.


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