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9 Ways NetSuite SuiteCommerce Helps You Grow Your Business

By February 24, 2014NetSuite

NetSuite SuiteCommerce 9 ways to grow business SWKTechEveryone wants to build a better, stronger business to serve more customers and grow their company faster, but as a business owner you may not know what parts of your business you should focus on building first (if that describes you, you’ll want to pay attention to #1 below especially). Here are nine ways that NetSuite SuiteCommerce helps you strengthen your business immediately.

  1. See a Real-Time View: NetSuite SuiteCommerce allows you to view the complete, real-time view of all your website activity, as well as your customer shopping activity. This helps you immediately target your customer’s needs and wants, enabling you to serve them better, faster.
  2. Convert Customers Faster: With this program, you can give your customers the gift of comfort with a full-featured and intuitive “” experience. When you provide a familiar and easy-to-use user interface, your customers can purchase what they want quickly and easily, leading to fast sales for your business.
  3. Be Available 24/7: Maybe your customers are night owls, or maybe they live halfway around the world. With NetSuite SuiteCommerce, your customers can buy what they want when they want to, meaning that you won’t miss sales just because you have to sleep.
  4. Use a Global Solution: For the customers who are halfway around the world, you’ll have the ability to manage one or more webstores and conduct commerce in different countries, languages, currencies, and channels. Your business will serve the customers you want to serve, with no boundaries or limits.
  5. Merge Your Stores: Connect your online and brick-and-mortar channels so that you understand what’s happening throughout your entire company. NetSuite SuiteCommerce offers a single system that manages your entire business in real time, meaning that you’ll have the ability to accurately identify and address your business needs at all levels, immediately.
  6. Scale Up Easily: You’ve identified a need already? Wow, that was immediate! This program allows you to tie your business together the areas you need to build, including eCommerce, marketing, order management, inventory, and accounting. When you decide to add powerful functioning to your business you can.
  1. Get Started Fast: Do you understand all of the in-depth and constantly changing information about content management, site hosting, and more? With NetSuite SuiteCommerce, you can focus on what you know best (your company) and let NetSuite’s powerful features and knowledge get you started moving fast on the information superhighway.
  1. Understand Your Business Trends: Are you worried that if you open your business for sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that you’ll miss nighttime and weekend opportunites to upsell and cross-sell? When you create automated selling features, you’ll know that your effective selling strategies are always in play, even when you’re not.
  2. Ship Faster: Make your customers happier when you expedite order processing using NetSuite SuiteCommerce’s impressively extensive order and inventory management capabilities.

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