What our clients are saying about us

“Beth was more than helpful – as always! Everyone that I have ever dealt with at SWK has been fantastic! Keep up the good work!” 

Tara Fox – Controller – Galson Laboratories

“When Beth is on the Job we have nothing to worry about; professional and solves any problems that comes up. Thank you, Bob Harmon.”

Bob Harmon – Consup North American, Inc

“Monica was fantastic! She took time with each person in the department to go through highlighted areas that changed and/or that was new & improved. She was knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and extremely helpful during the install and after.”

Christine Farrell – Accounting Finance Manager – Unity House of Cayuaga County, Inc

“You folks rock – this is still the best upgrade we have ever gone through.”

Kathy Brooks – Flower City Tissue Mills Co.

“We had an aggressive timeline to get AccellosOne WMS implemented and I expected it to be a rocky process, but the SWK team did it without a hitch. We went from manual processes to fully automated in what seemed like overnight…”

Mayer Kahan – COO – Osgood Textile

“When I have a question, our consultant is there to help and the ongoing support is outstanding.”

Debbie Frere – CFO – The Learning Journey International, LLC

“What’s unique about SWK is that although they are IT professionals, they’re business people first. They understand the distribution industry and were able to help us implement these strategic changes.”

Jeff Green – CFO – Lois Hill Accessories

“I cannot speak more favorably of the service and partnership we receive from SWK. They are true experts at integrating so many moving pieces of a business into one streamlined, user-friendly system. Everyone from SWK really listened to us, created the best solution for us, and developed reports specifically tailored to our needs in the beverage distribution industry. We are in the middle of learning not one but two brand new systems, and the support we receive from SWK is priceless.”

Troy Kolden – Controller – Bellavance Beverage Co. 

“Taking a lot of training sessions all at once and trying to implement a new system is like drinking from a fire hose. We appreciated SWK’s willingness to work at our pace and the slow approach of bringing on a few modules at a time.”

Cathy Abel – CFO – AmPharmCo

“I hear horror stories of software implementations gone very bad. Thankfully, we had SWK every step of the way. SWK is committed to our success, and being resource strapped, we have them on the outside to guide us to success. We would not be able to grow our business and implement this kind of software along with the intricate business processes without our team members at SWK. They have been our guide to revolutionizing how we analyze our business and we consider them an extremely valuable asset to our company.”

Robert Censullo – CFO – Wireless Telecom Group                   

“SWK has great support. We speak directly with someone who knows the code inside and out, and is always able to give us the help we need.”

Sam Prestipino – Systems Technology Director – Implus Footcare

“The support from SWK is impressive; they really know what they are doing. We can call or email with questions or problems and feel confident they will have the solution.”

Jon Pelzman – Vice President of Sales and Customer Support – L’Image, Inc.

“MAPADOC did something not many companies do these days; they delivered on each and every promise they made about their software. But more importantly, they seamlessly integrated a scalable EDI solution into Sage MAS 200 [Sage 100 ERP] with little to no growing pains. I am very impressed.”

David Williams – Director of IT – American Furniture Manufacturing

“We want to take the opportunity to let MAPADOC know how much we appreciate all the hard work and effort you’ve given us. The service is excellent and the callback turnaround is prompt and most importantly the system information given to us is accurate and complete.”

Teri Palamara – Order Entry/Accounts Receivable – St. Claire Entertainment

“I made a panicked after-hours call to the MAPADOC EDI support team. I got a return call right away and explained that I needed my system switched from a test environment to live. They were able to accommodate us immediately. Not many people or companies would have taken that step. I knew then we had definitely chosen the best company for our EDI solution.”

Jason Ernst – VP of Operations – Group Sales Inc.

“MAPADOC is there for us anytime we need help. In fact, we just added an important new customer, and we were under a tight timeframe to get them set up and completed. Our consultant understood the urgency and was one step ahead of us at all times during the process to make sure we made our deadline.”

Heather Coalwell – Accounting Sales Associate – Promax

“The level of knowledge that the MAPADOC team had was impressive. The team knew what they were doing, was easy to get a hold of, and answered questions and then some.”

James Gilstrap – Systems Implementation Manager – Halstead International

“SWK was honest from the start with the quote all the way through the finish of the implementation. They intently listened to our needs along the way and created unique solutions to fit our business model. SWK was diligent to help us compile the most meaningful data solutions to run our business successfully. I’d recommend them to anyone searching for a reliable, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable software partner.”

Troy Kolden – Controller – Bellavance Beverage Co.

“During my entire relationship with MAPADOC, it’s been the level of customer service that makes it easy to do business with them. Customer service can make or break a software solution, and MAPADOC definitely delivers. MAPADOC always finds the answers and although I know they have many customers they make us feel like we are their only one.”

John Rosin – Compliance Manager – Toysmith

“SWK was very efficient and organized, gathering all the data we needed to make the transition and ensuring all the maps were in complete compliance. They planned well and executed perfectly.”

Olivia Arevalo – Accounting Manager – dreamGEAR

“In my opinion, the team at MAPADOC can do no wrong. The product works flawlessly, integrates seamlessly with our accounting software and the service is exceptional. My questions get answered immediately and it is clear that they understand the stakes involved.”

Troy Holland – IT Manager – Nichiha USA

“SWK did a remarkable job of empowering our team. They took time to teach us so that we could eventually be self-sufficient. They structured Sage ERP X3 to match our workflow and taught us how to make enhancements such as customizing reports and queries. Knowing how to fully utilize our business software makes us much more efficient and allows us to manage the system internally. When we do need outside support SWK takes care of all our needs and they are fair about charging us for value received. We could not be happier with SWK and would highly recommend them!”

Cathy Abel – CFO – AmPharmCo